TOST1.4 Commands

TOST1.4 comes with some useful commandos as follows:
tostinfo => shows some basic infos about TOST's current configuration

ShowTeamInfo => extends your HUD with information on the teams.

ShowWeapon => cycle through Weapons HUD extensions mode (off, full, small)

New logo needed


Hi folks,

the TO22.ORG-logo isnt the best, as lots of you might already think.

I dont have the time and the creativity left to do such things, perhaps you have some good ideas and the time to create a nice 2.2-logo. I'd like to make some kind of contest out of this: You create some nice logos, attach them to the forums thread and we all vote our favorite at last.

For more details visit the forums thread.

Unreal Console Commands

Tim Sweeney
Epic MegaGames, Inc.

Audience: Advanced Users, Server Administrators, Programmers.
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Chats opened !


Today the old IRC channels re-opened again!

You can find us on Quakenet,

#to2.2 and #to-center


As chatclient we prefer MIRC but you can choose any other client as well.


See ya in the game and in the chatrooms!

Diggin' out the old trailer...

Searching the catacombs of my old hdds, I found an early trailervideo of TO.

Have fun with it.

2.2 Fraghall back online


There are some things in the universe you cant kill.
One of them is a server named Fraghall ... born in the deepest dungeons of =DOC=

Now the time is there to rock again on 2.2 Fraghall hosted by

The server config isn't well to 100%, but its ok to play.
Next days i will update UTDC so we try TO2.2 with UTDC 2.1
TOST, Mapvote and many many custommaps are waiting for old and new fraggas ;)

.. and yes, server is redirected.

CU on server !

=DOC= -MiF- online again


Years went by but today the legendary

2.2 =DOC= -Men-in-Field- 

is going online again!


The 16 slot public server will be online 24/7 and comes with mapvote and TOST.

The map portfolio isnt fix yet, just figure them out.

UnrealScript Language Reference, by Tim Sweeney


UnrealScript Language Reference

Tim Sweeney
Epic MegaGames, Inc.

Last Updated: 12/21/98

Admin Console Commands



adminlogin <pas> // log in

adminlogout // log out

endround // end current round

adminreset // reset entire game

pause // pauses the game (type pause again to resume)

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