Neo wants to interview us


Neo, one of our old m8s, studies at the university of Amsterdam and has to do a paper about communities.

He has chosen the to22 community, what really makes me happy. Big THX for that!


This is what he wants us to do:


For this, I want to do some interviews to get some information (data) on which I can base my paper. So that is why I need you, I would like to do a small interview with (ex)-TO 2.2 players.
The interviews won’t be long (see bottom for the questionnaire) and will be anonymous if you’d request it. I’d really like to do the interview on Skype, but if you prefer it on MSN it is ok too.
I would like to take the interview in English, but if that’s a problem I could do it in German.
Interested in helping an old m8? Then read further...

The main questions he wants us to answer are as follows:



What is your nickname in Tactical Ops?

What does your nickname mean?

How many hours do you game weekly?

How often do you play/did you play Tactical Ops (weekly)?

Are you currently member of a clan? If so, which?

Did you used to be member of a clan? If so, which?

How did you ‘enter’ the clan?

How was your trainee period?

Did you have a specific task in the clan?

Why did you join this clan?

What made this clan so special for you?

Could you notice some difference between clan members?

What did you all have in common?

What’s your name? (if you want, I keep it anonymous)

Where do you live?

How old are you?


You want to get interviewed? So just contact Neo.