How to set up a UT99 server on linux

- Goto a directory you want and create a new one for the server

    mkdir ut99-server


- change into the dir

    cd ut99-server


- download, rename and extract the server files here


    mv ut-server-436.tar_.gz ut-server-436.tar.gz

    tar zxvpf ut-server-436.tar.gz


- download, rename and extract ASU 0.6 for smoother configuration


    mv asu-0.6.tar_.gz asu-0.6.tar.gz

    tar zxvpf asu-0.6.tar.gz

- configure the server with ASU now

    ./ (or: bash


- Now the menu should look like this one

asu version 0.6, Copyright (C) 2001,2002 abfackeln @
asu is free software and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
Enter H for help and more copyright information.


B) Bot Menu
D) Specify UT Directory and active .ini files
H) Help and Copyright Information
I) Install Init Script
N) Enable NG Local Stats (requires JDK 1.2)
O) Optimization Menu
P) Patches
R) Enable Download Redirection
S) Server Info, MOTD and Passwords
U) Umod Package Menu
V) Verify Installation
X) Exit

Enter a letter from the above menu.


- Choose I and enter all stuff they ask you to. After that you exit the menu by pressing X

    ASU wrote the startfile and now you can start and stop the server with

    ./ucc.init start

    ./ucc.init stop