TO2.2 - introduced

Tactical Operations 2.2 -in short TO2.2- is a team-based UT99-mod where a Special Forces team battles with a group of terrorists in different scenarios. At every roundstart, the player gets some money and can buy new weapons, items and inventory. After a team is wiped out, a new round starts. TO2.2 is a game you can play like an arcade game (we do this on most of the public servers) but you also can play it using great team-tactics, that you and your clan have created and trained in private sessions. TO2.2 was first released in June 2000, originally named "SWAT", but later renamed to Tactical Operations. After version 2.2 the developement team did a huge version jump to 3.15 and renamed the game to TO - Assault on Terror, which later was transfered into a retail game. Some years later, the game-development, based on the UT99 engine, was stopped. The developement team decided to rebuild TO upon a new UT-engine.