On again!


A very warm welcome! The website of TO22.ORG was captured in html. The capture replaces the outdated drupal installation.

Cause of less time and, to be honest, no need of a working cms, the site stands static for a while. There comes a time

when I will set up a new cms, but not now. If you want to contact me, just use doc_general_t --a-t-- gmx dot net

A must have...

Classics: tactical-ops.to in 2001

A snapshot of the early beginnings

Classics: The old TO-Headquarters page

I guess it went offline around 2003...

TO2.2 league 2011

Wugje is willing to plan a league for 2011 or at least some history event.

If you would like to help and/or participate, plz contact him or drop him a line at the forums threads here. Would be nice to see the old ppl back in the game. If you are still in contact with the old m8s, plz give them a hint.

Big THX to Wugje.

Update: League servers gonna be set up.

Neo wants to interview us


Neo, one of our old m8s, studies at the university of Amsterdam and has to do a paper about communities.

He has chosen the to22 community, what really makes me happy. Big THX for that!


This is what he wants us to do:


For this, I want to do some interviews to get some information (data) on which I can base my paper. So that is why I need you, I would like to do a small interview with (ex)-TO 2.2 players.
The interviews won’t be long (see bottom for the questionnaire) and will be anonymous if you’d request it. I’d really like to do the interview on Skype, but if you prefer it on MSN it is ok too.
I would like to take the interview in English, but if that’s a problem I could do it in German.
Interested in helping an old m8? Then read further...

Sorry for the silence

A short hello from me and a big sorry for the standstill on the website. I moved to a new place and have to fight the chaos the private and the commercial removal have left on both places.  

But soon there comes more stuff on the site.

One of the greatest bugs...

... in the game is this one.


TO-Sound scheme for ICQ!


This is the sound scheme made by John Window in 2001. Hopefully, it still worx with today's version.


Get the file here. 

Keybinding Guide

What is Keybinding?

Keybinding means that you can use a shortcut for a complex line of commandos. You pre-define the commandos and bind them to a key of your whish. For example you can buy full armor, a DE and ammo for it by pressing only one key on your keyboard! This fastens up your starting-time enormous.


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